Quality policy

Quality Management System – Company Policy

The general management has decided to choose, as the primary objective of its policy, “customer satisfaction, to be achieved through the quality of work performed to provide the product or service, the promptness of response, and the competitiveness of costs, while protecting all people who work on behalf of the organization.”

This objective is considered an essential factor for the development of the organization in a highly competitive market.

The management has therefore decided:

  • to operate according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards, satisfying the general requirements indicated by the certification body in order to equip the organization with a management system in line with European parameters, thus guaranteeing customers the required quality while operating in compliance with environmental regulations and worker safety.
  • to equip the organization with adequate equipment in terms of quantity, quality, environmental sustainability, and safety.
  • to invest in human resources. The personnel must be adequate in number and professionalism through accurate selections, induction programs, mentoring periods, training and information interventions.
  • to activate, when necessary, a training and updating program, with periodic evaluation of the results achieved, and to carry out awareness-raising and sensitization activities for the people who work on its behalf.
  • to raise awareness among all personnel about the importance of satisfying customer requirements, as well as mandatory requirements and quality, environmental, and prevention and safety regulations.

In its relationship with the customer, the management is committed to offering processes that are appropriate to the customer’s specific implicit and explicit needs and to verifying during the course of work the achievement of the objectives agreed upon during the contractual phase, providing the customer with comprehensive assistance.

The organization undertakes, operating in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, to pursue and achieve the set objectives by developing the following macro-themes: management system, evaluation and measurement, customer, communication, human resources, movable and immovable assets, regulations, innovation and efficiency, suppliers.

We Tech considers the quality of the service provided to be a fundamental element for the company strategy; its policy, therefore, has always been to offer customers fast and efficient services, fully meeting their expectations.

Therefore, the entire company organization is deeply committed to and involved in monitoring and measuring the service, in order to prevent and resolve any non-conformity, in an attempt to implement continuous improvement of the service delivery processes.

We Tech has the primary objective of constantly improving the service through:

  • maximum attention to the present and future needs of customers, aiming to exceed their expectations
  • continuous and measurable improvement of company processes
  • the involvement, motivation, and professional growth of human resources at all levels
  • the maintenance of third-party accredited certification of the QMS (Quality Management System)

All members of the We Tech organization must therefore ensure a constant commitment to the following main guidelines:

  • constant and continuous verification of the requirements characterizing the quality of the service provided
  • prevention of errors and inefficiencies in the service, through the most appropriate use of the means available, in compliance with regulations and with the correct application of established procedures
  • active and fruitful collaboration with customer interfaces
  • constant increase in the level of service quality, not only in terms of efficiency but also through continuous attention to customer needs and their correct interpretation, for any suggestions related to them

All activities carried out are performed with the objective of achieving the minimum environmental impact technically possible and economically sustainable; We Tech is therefore committed in all its activities to improving its results in the field of environmental protection, pollution prevention, sustainable use of resources, and the safeguarding of ecosystems.

The policy of We Tech refers to the general safety criteria expressed in Legislative Decree 81 of April 9, 2008, for the purpose of protecting the safety of its employees and all people involved in various capacities in company activities (customers, suppliers, etc.). The commitment of We Tech is therefore to identify all possible risk situations in the activities carried out in order to prevent possible incidents and injuries.

We Tech is constantly committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that is not only productive but also healthy and safe for its employees and for all those who interact in this environment, both as users of the service and in other forms.