Thermoscanner in covid 19 era

Monitoring body temperature independently and effectively is a top priority to safeguard both health and the prosperity of your business. Offices, schools, companies, shops, entertainment areas need today adequate quality equipment. This instrumentation must guarantee both the distance between people and the monitoring of the epidermal temperature. Our devices (new generation thermoscanners) can be easily positioned at the entrance of any activity. The measurement is activated at a distance of about 30/40 cm allowing the detection of potentially contagious subjects. The person in charge of the control can receive a notification in case of exceeding the allowed threshold, moreover the cameras are also equipped with acoustic and visual warning devices. It is possible to install the new thermoscanners fully respecting the privacy of people, allowing the regular performance of the activity according to the indications provided by the DPCM.

Scopri il modo più semplice per tutelare la salute

The post-pandemic that will affect our lives

“2020, the year in which we all faced an unprecedented emergency. According to the Scientific Committee COVID19 it will drastically change our lifestyles in almost every field and sector. The most obvious manifestation of the Corona Virus that has been exposed recently by distinguished virologists is that the first alarm to be taken seriously in the fight against Corona Virus (COVID-19) is the increase in body temperature. Any business is interested in preventing the spread of the virus in order to protect its interests in terms not only of health but also of profit. Today, not having the right monitoring equipment could mean facing a number of difficult problems. Considering how much modern technology can help us means making a choice that involves invaluable resources. The customer himself will soon find himself having to distinguish between activities with simple, fast, effective and quality access control compared to obsolete, complicated, non-compliant or even unsecured equipment with secure access control. If you have a business you will soon find that you can no longer ignore the importance of an efficient monitoring system that positions your brand at the highest level. We Tech can help you in a simple and immediate way by offering customized solutions.


Latest generation thermoscanner for remote temperature control

It allows to read the temperature of people with a difference of up to 0.3°C in a range from 0 to 30 cm and up to 0.5°C for a distance between 30 and 70 cm. Consequently it can generate alarms according to the temperature threshold that we have established. The device has integrated an artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithm that allows facial recognition. This can work in two ways, with two different firmware (FW):

1) with the first FW the AI algorithm is able to generate alarms if the mask is not worn or if it is worn incorrectly. If, for example, I wear the mask with only the nose outside or I wear it in an inappropriate way holding it around my neck, I will have the possibility to generate alarms.

2) with the second FW the algorithm works in the same way, but adds an additional security step, going to verify if the face is stored in the database. To use this function it is not necessary to remove the mask but it is necessary to wear it in the correct way. This object is also equipped with RFID card reader, allowing you to open a gap according to the programming performed. Another unlocking method can be represented by password or remote unlocking. The database can store up to 100,000 users, 100,000 faces, 100,000 cards, 50 administrators and 300,000 events. The device recognizes a face every 0.2 seconds. Reading is therefore almost instantaneous and is currently the fastest device on the market. This object allows you to integrate a complete management of users by creating generic users, security staff, VIPs, special guests, allowing a very flexible management of the system.

features of the built-in camera and how to manage it

The camera is 2Mp with 1080p resolution with WDR.
The system allows management via all protocols: IPv4, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, P2P and via OSDP Protocol (Open Supervised Device Protocol). It also allows integration via ONVIF and CGI. In addition to this, it supports integration via SDK

Facial recognition

Thanks to the facial recognition algorithm, the device can recognize more than 360 positions of the human face. In any case, within the programming menu, I can choose the reject to work with and accept, therefore, faces even perpendicular to the camera. This range must be set in the programming according to the use that will require the customer. If, for example, I have to unlock a door with face recognition to access a sensitive area that is normally accessible only to authorized personnel, I will set a deviation of 5-10° and a face accuracy of over 90%. If, on the other hand, we work in a shop and we simply want to measure the temperature to the people who stop in front, even if they have their face at 45-60-90°, for example, we can set the maximum threshold to 90° and detect all the inclinations from 0 to 90°. Beyond 90° it is impossible to recognize the face because it becomes impossible to detect the facial parameters.


Turnstiles equipped with facial and thermal recognition cameras represent the best solutions for access control and management of entrances by means of a distance barrier allows to solve the problem of public flows in events, small, medium and large, in clubs, shops, gyms and companies.